For several years now, Arccos Golf has been helping amateur golfers lower their handicaps by delivering tour-quality shot-tracking data in real time. Now, Arccos wants to give amateurs the world’s smartest caddie.

As part of a new partnership with Microsoft Corp., Arccos is set to launch an innovative course management platform called the Arccos Course Analyzer. The system layers a user’s data on top of millions of data points to provide personalized recommendations for optimal strategy on almost every golf hole in the world. It’s essentially a caddie in the palm of your hand or on your wrist.

For those unfamiliar with the Arccos system, it consists of 14 ultralight sensors that attach to the grip of a player’s clubs. The sensors sync with the player’s smart phone or watch, recording every shot (completely unobtrusively) and delivering real-time data such as club distances and directional tendencies along with GPS mapping. For golfers who love to track their stats, it’s a must-have.

So how will the new course analyzer work?

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