New Federal Law – Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting

This new law is part of the federal government’s anti-money laundering and anti-tax evasion efforts and is an attempt to look beyond shell companies that are set up to hide money.

Unfortunately, this will impose burdensome reporting requirements on most businesses, and the willful failure to report information and timely update any changed information can result in significant fines.

Beneficial owners are broadly defined and involve owners who directly or indirectly own more than 25% of the entity’s ownership interests or exercise substantial control over the reporting company (even if they don’t actually have an ownership interest).

The types of information that must be provided (and kept current) for these beneficial owners include the owner’s legal name, residential address, date of birth, and unique identifier number from a nonexpired passport, driver’s license, or state identification card. The entity will also have to provide an image of any of these forms of documentation for all beneficial owners. Most entities must file these reports by January 1, 2025.

See here and here for more information. (Please wait a few moments for the links to load.)

The Powerful Role of Social Media for Your Golf Course

The below message is on behalf of 19th Hole Media.

Michael Block’s Remarkable PGA Performance, and the Powerful Role of Social Media for Your Golf Course

Dear Esteemed Members and Friends of the Nevada Golf Course Owners Association,

We are living in an incredible era for golf! Michael Block, the Head Golf Professional at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, recently graced the headlines following a spectacular performance at the PGA Championship. Thanks to his PGA Club Pro status, candid interviews, the remarkable ace at the 15th hole, and an impressive 15th place finish, he has become a beacon of inspiration and also secured his place in next year’s PGA Championship.

Cast your minds back to 2020 when Michael was honored with the Employee Excellence Award by the California Golf Course Owners Association. The award recognizes a person’s contribution to golf course operations and the game of golf through exceptional customer service, leadership, and teamwork – qualities he reaffirmed at the recent PGA Championship.

The exhilaration of the championship echoed on Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club’s social media platforms. Michael’s heartfelt interviews drew the audience closer, and the excitement hit its peak when he was paired up with Rory, culminating in his fairy tale round on Sunday.

At 19th Hole Media (Welborn Media), we had the privilege of being at the center of this whirlwind, live-tweeting the round and posting comprehensive digital content about Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club and Michael Block. The experience was beyond thrilling – it was one of the most impactful digital moments we have ever encountered.

Our decade-long journey managing Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club’s social media has taught us the immense potential of a well-curated digital presence. It has not only attracted celebrity golfers like Albert Pujols and Teemu Selanne but also garnered the attention of international golf influencers. It has been key in retaining top talent, driving successful events, and creating a burgeoning waiting list for club membership.

Last week alone we generated 3,654,206 impressions, 140,088 engagements, and 725 new followers.

So, why does your golf course need social media? Here are a few compelling reasons:

• Retain, Attract, and Expand Talent, Influencers, and Business: An engaging social media presence can help your golf course highlight key staff, attract influencers, and grow your business footprint.

• Capitalize on Big Opportunities: The recent PGA Championship showed how an active social media presence can capture unexpected moments, turning them into substantial business opportunities.

• Engage and Connect with Golfers: Responding to golfers’ tags, reviews, and promotional content after their visit dramatically boosts their likelihood of returning to your course.

We would be delighted to help you unlock the potential of social media for your golf course. We’re currently offering a free social media consulting session for your golf course. Please email me at to schedule a session at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for everything!

Zeb Welborn

President of Welborn Media & 19th Hole Media

Now Available! Tree Care Solutions for Your Common Tree Challenges

You can view the recording of the recent webinar Tree Care Solutions for Your Common Tree Challenges on April 26 by Lisa Smith (Registered Consulting Arborist, ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, ISA Tree Risk Assessor Qualified).


We received great feedback on this webinar, including from Ed Smilow, Golf Course Law:

“I just had to reach out and say what an absolutely wonderful presentation it was. I only wished it had gone on for another hour as I was soaking it all in and wanted more… I counsel numerous golf courses throughout the State of California and will encourage them in the proactive measures you have suggested to enhance their facilities, properly maintain their tree populations and reduce the risk of tree failures.”

USGA Collaboration a Positive Sign For the Business of Golf

The USGA has made a concerted effort in recent years to forge a closer relationship with GCSA chapters and Golf Course Owners Associations, and their outreach and collaboration is worthy of acknowledgment and appreciation. It is also a very positive sign for the business of golf, as the golf community is stronger when we are unified and collaborative.

Specifically, the USGA was instrumental in the planning and implementation of the Northern California and Southern California Water Summits that took place in 2022, and plans are already underway for additional conferences in the western states in 2023, including the possibility of a more public water focused event at the US Women’s Open at Pebble Beach in July.

Staying on the topic of water, and USGA’s commitment to educating course operators about waterwise practices, USGA Agronomist Brian Whitlark recently penned the following succinct and informative article advising the importance of being proactive in water conservation strategies: Get Out In Front of Water Regulations.

In addition to supporting the allied associations through the dedication of resources to association events such as the Water Summits, there has been a recognizable effort on the part of USGA to invite allied associations to participate in USGA networking events and meetings, including the upcoming USGA Annual Meeting in Napa and receptions at the GCSAA Annual Conference, and providing resources for use in allied association publications.

Thank you to USGA for their obvious efforts to support and bring the golf community closer together. We are appreciative, and golf stands to benefit from the collaboration!

Marc Connerly, Executive Director

Now Available! Recordings from The Summit

Did you miss the Southern California Water Summit on August 18, 2022, or attended and want to view the information again?

The presentation recordings are now available here under the “Resources” tab.

In addition to the recordings, find water-related information resources from several of the participating organizations.